Yay! A free Photoshoot!

Wait. What does that entail...?

You have been gifted a voucher for a one hour photo session at a location of your choice (within specified region) The location must be free of permit obligation and not violate any laws or other personal rights to clientele or property owners. Winner of Voucher must comply with photographer's schedule throughout the holiday season and can be booked as early as December 1st, 2020, unless otherwise decided upon by client and photographer. Special circumstances may be approved upon prompt request. 

Do I have to pay...?

You don't owe any balance! So long as you fall within the parameters listed above.

The 1 hour photo session usually produces 30-50 high resolution images delivered via DropBox and an online password protected gallery.  Winner will also be awarded a print release form to print at any lab of your choice.

If you wish to further purchase prints from me, I will discuss packages and gift options upon delivery of Final Prints. 

So what's next?

Call or email me for a Welcome Packet! I am as excited to meet you as your are to win this gift! You are the epitome of kindness and deserve to move to the top of my list! 

Thank you so much for your donation to a beautiful cause. I look forward to meeting you and whomever I get to photograph! Should you have ANY questions about this voucher or the next step, please contact me at your earliest convenience. 

(Contact info can be found on my "Yours Truly" page here