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RV Life

Rv Life.

Most people cringe when they think of sacrificing their sticks and bricks home to live this tiny lifestyle.

Even more people assume we are poor or don't want to commit to an area.

It's quite the opposite actually.

Rv living has simplified our belongings and made us realize what we actually need in order to live comfortably.

It has allowed us to save TONS of money, even while treating ourselves to local wine, whiskey, and entertainment.

While tiny living does have its drawbacks, it's not forever, so we can adjust.

Yes, we both have limited clothing and when we buy something new, we toss something old.

We live by the motto: "Bring something in, Take something out."

No, we don't get sick of being in such close proximity to each other. There is a wonderful world right outside the door, that is just waiting for us to explore.

Yes, we have pets. 2 cats. 1 dog.

No, the pet hair isn't ideal in 300sq feet, but we have great vacuum.

We sacrifice so that we can work towards our future goals. We sacrifice so we can travel and live in different areas. We sacrifice so we can live life to the fullest.

Don't feel sorry for us ever. Offer us a garage to borrow. A nice hot bubble bath. Or even a steady Wi-Fi stream. These are the only "traditional living" things we actually miss.

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