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Graduation Hat Throw

Class of 2021

You made it! 

Let me be the first to congratulate you!

you've managed to push through and graduate, despite the pandemic.

You're closing a chapter and starting a new and exciting new one.

You deserve to capture this transition.

 it will be a moment that you will reflect upon. OFTEN!

You will realize that with each transition, you gain knowledge.

And with each reflection of those tansitions, you will realize how much you hadn't learned yet. 

Let me help capture it in a unique way.

 I love wild ideas and interesting concepts. Locations can be anywhere you dream of.

Let's shoot to make memories of your celebration. 



Believe In...

Senior pictures that make YOU FEEL beautiful from the inside out.

Offering a VARIETY of style for the senior that wants something different!

Making the SENIOR portrait experience a MEMORY in and of itself.

Check out my portfolio

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